About Us!

Belinda Casper, C-IAYT, Group Leader of BEMER group


Belinda Casper is a certified yoga therapist and health educator helping people find healthy, holistic options to live their healthiest life through Young Living essential oils, yoga and the BEMER, an innovative, life-changing medical device. 

Belinda is a certified yoga therapist (RYT 500), certified international yoga therapist (C-IAYT), Lymphatic Yoga Instructor and Independent Distributor and Group Leader with the BEMER Group. 

Belinda has been teaching and working with individuals privately since 2014 to help them implement self-healing principles through yoga and therapeutic essential oils. 

Belinda was trained by BEMER USA in January, 2017 allowing her to add BEMER technology to her offering and leave her corporate marketing role to dedicate herself to helping people find health and wellness naturally. 

Belinda is now focusing her attention on educating practitioners and individuals on the benefits of BEMER technology, to help increase energy, blood flow, and eliminate discomfort and issues which are caused by poor circulation and blood flow. 

What is Healthy Living Moxie?


To have “Moxie” means to have courage, to be daring, to have spirit! 

At Healthy Living Moxie, we help people find that spirit, to find their vibrancy and joy for life through a bundle of services including massage therapy, yoga therapy, lymphatic yoga, Young Living therapeutic essential oils (and supplements & products), and an innovative (yet proven) medical device called the BEMER, which increases blood flow at the microvessels, which is 74% of our circulatory system. 

We work with people individually to create a personal program using a variety of holistic methods which are based on our belief our bodies have an innate ability of self-healing and balance, if we give our bodies what they need. 

We meet people where they are to help guide them to reach the potential they desire. 

Curt Coenen, LMT


The sense of touch is a tactile intelligence that we all possess and helps create a message of friendship, love and healing. There is more commonality of our palpable communication than we allow ourselves to understand. A handshake to greet, a pat on the back to applaud someone’s efforts as well as a hug to comfort, love or surrender. 

Curt utilizes massage to discover a person’s body song and listen carefully; we are given the tune with which we can use our hands, dancing on the skin, to create a ballet of healing grace. Whether it is to just sooth the mind and body from a stressful day, assist in recovery from an over exertion or supporting in the healing of a chronic condition, massage becomes the magical physical form of healing and communication that I can perform that can translate into countless possibilities.