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Lymphatic Yoga


Lymphatic Yoga

Lymphatic Yoga combines the ancient methods of yoga in a specific combination of breathing techniques and yoga postures focusing on the anatomy of the lymphatic system to increase oxygen and eliminate toxins in the body. 

> Individual Sessions are 75 minutes at a cost of $70*

> Two people can share one 75 minute session at a cost of $50 each

> Groups of 4 people can attend a single session for a cost of $25 per person (Does not include BEMER sessions).

*Includes BEMER Session

What should I wear for my lymphatic yoga session? You should wear loose fitted clothing to allow you to move freely.

How should I feel after my lymphatic yoga session?  Everyone's experience is individualized.  With regular practice, you should feel lighter and more energetic.  If you're experiencing discomfort, please contact us by calling 904-868-4550.