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Brān Reimagined


21 Day Challenge


What Would You Do if Anything Was Possible?

 The Challenge is a 21-day program of nutrition, coaching and community support that will give you the results.   

We believe that when Velovita raises the vibration of each of our Members’ mindset and health, it then transfers to those around them and with that we can truly raise the vibration of the world together, one beautiful soul at a time. Velovita was built to remind people that hope is no longer just a dream, it can be a reality with us! 


 Brān, pronounced [breyn], is a delicious serum that comes in a single serving package that's fun and convenient to use while giving you that natural energy boost, clearing your brain fog, enhancing your mood, and helping with cravings. 

 Brān Reimagined is a three-stage nootropic (cognitive performance enhancer) delivered through leading-edge nanotechnology in a unique package that fits in any pocket. 

Fuel Your Brain and Feed Your Mind

 Brān is different from coffee and energy drinks that affect your central nervous system. It is less expensive than other nootropics (and even energy drinks) and it is much better for your mind and body.


 Fuel Your Brain and Feed Your Mind

What you get

 When you join the #LOVIT Challenge you receive:

  • One month’s worth of Brān Reimagined
  • Twenty-one (21) days of coaching
  • Live classes and mentoring
  • Email and/or text series
  • A community of like-minded people
  • Special Members area for people taking the challenge
  • A team who are here to support you reaching your goals.