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Yoga therapy


Yoga Therapy

Our Yoga Therapy sessions are customized to address individual concerns and conditions. Yoga therapy incorporates yoga postures, props, breathing  exercises, and a guided meditation to help people move better, breath better and have more vitality.

> Sessions are 75 minutes and include a BEMER session for $70.00*

What should I wear for my Yoga Therapy Session?  You can wear loose fitting clothing.  

How should I feel after my Yoga Therapy Session?  Results are always individualized.  As part of your yoga therapy session you will be given activities you can do at home to continue with your self care.  At no time in our yoga therapy session should you feel pain as we never push through pain. We want your body to relax and accept the changes you're making with it.  We always recommend soaking in a warm epsom salt bath for at least 45 minutes the evenings after your yoga therapy sessions if time allows.  This will help your body to release toxins and your muscles to relax.