Activation Yoga

Did you know there is no pump to move your “body-cleansing” lymphatic fluid? Lymph fluid moves within the lymphatic system only through deep diaphragmatic breathing and muscle activity!

Feelings and emotions affect our overall health as well as the flow of the lymphatic fluid. Stress will literally stagnate lymphatic flow. By combining breathing and movement, using yoga in specific sequences, we’re able to activate the lymphatic system to move and properly nourish our bodies.

Most chronic conditions are caused by a sluggish flow of lymphatic fluid in the body.

We will teach you how to easily incorporate a simple practice into your daily routine to overcome or prevent chronic health conditions, which can occur in the body when the lymphatic fluid is stagnant. A functional & flowing lymphatic fluid will help your body to regenerate your tissues, boost your immune system, and improve nutritional absorption.

You will be taught the simple techniques combining breath, tapping and movement to activate your lymphatic system that can be applied for 5-10 minutes a day to change the rest of your life!

  • Individual Sessions are 60 minutes at a cost of $70*
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  • What to wear: Please wear loose fitting clothing that allow you to move freely.
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