Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is for people who want to improve recovery, mobility, and balance.

Our yoga therapy sessions are not “yoga classes!” Instead, they are private, customized sessions providing our clients tools and techniques to enhance balance, mobility, flexibility, and recovery (from surgery or injury, after release from the doctor or physical therapist).

Our yoga therapy sessions are customized to address individual concerns and conditions. Yoga therapy incorporates yoga postures, props, breathing exercises, and a guided meditation to help people move better, feel better, breathe better helping people to do the things that bring them joy in life!

Sessions are 60 minutes for $70.00*

  • *An extra 10 minutes can be added at no additional cost to every session to incorporate a free BEMER session to reduce stress and increase relaxation & local blood flow. To learn more about the BEMER, please click here
  • NOTE: The first Yoga Therapy Session will be 90 minutes to review the In-Take Form and to clearly outline goals and expectations for the Yoga Therapy Program. Please choose “First Yoga Therapy” session when booking your first session.
  • Click here to book your yoga therapy session.
  • What to wear: Please wear loose fitting clothing that allow you to move freely.
  • Click here to download the Yoga Therapy In-Take Form which should be completed before your first session.