Lymphatic Yoga


The lymphatic system holds the key to health, vitality, a clear mind and spiritual awareness. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that unites our body, mind and spirit. In conjunction, the lymphatic system units all of the body systems within the body. Lymph fluid moves within the lymphatic system due to deep diaphragmatic breathing and muscle activity since there’s no natural pump for the lymphatic system.

Feelings and emotions affect our overall health as well as the flow of the lymphatic fluid. Stress will literally stagnate lymphatic flow. By combining the breathing and movement of yoga in specific sequences, we’re able to activate the lymphatic system to move and properly nourish our bodies.

Lymphatic Yoga® combines the ancient methods of yoga in a specific combination of breathing techniques and yoga postures focusing on the anatomy of the lymphatic system in order to oxygenate the body, and eliminate toxins.

A regular practice can prevent catastrophic conditions in the body while it regenerates the tissues, boosts the immune system, improves nutritional absorption and strengthens the immune system. Sluggish lymph flow leads to cellular degeneration, fibrosis, and calcification. The cells degenerate, causing tissues and body systems to not function. The sequences and breathing techniques of lymphatic yoga can restore and revitalize all body systems.

We work with people individually and privately through the specific breathing techniques, tapping and movement to increase lymphatic flow in order in order for tap into the body’s own self-healing capacity.

  • Individual Sessions are 75 minutes at a cost of $70. The individual session includes a BEMER session.
  • Groups of 2 people are 75 minutes at a cost of $50 each
  • Groups of 4 people are 75 minutes at a cost of $25 each