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Yoga Therapy

An individual approach

The term yoga comes from a Sanskrit word, which means yoke or union. On a physical level, yoga postures (called asanas), are designed to tone, strengthen, and align the body. These postures are performed to help people move easier and to promote blood flow to all body systems, organs, glands and tissues. On the mental level, yoga uses breathing techniques  and meditation to quiet, clarify and discipline the mind.

Specifically, yoga therapy is a type of therapy that uses yoga postures, props, breathing exercises, meditation, and guided imagery to improve mental and physical health. The holistic focus of yoga therapy encourages the integration of mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga can increase general health & stamina, reducing stress and improving those conditions brought about by a sedentary lifestyle or injury. Yoga has the added advantage of being a low-impact activity that uses only gravity as resistance, which makes it an excellent routine while certain yoga postures can be safely used to strengthen and balance the whole body.

Yoga practice contains the central idea that physical posture and alignment can influence a person’s mood and self-esteem, and also that the mind can be used to shape and heal the body. 

Our Yoga Therapy sessions are customized to address individual concerns and conditions. Yoga therapy incorporates yoga postures, props, breathing  exercises, and a guided meditation to help people move better, breath better and have more vitality.

> Sessions are 75 minutes and include a BEMER session for $70.00*